Certified Good Hiker certificateThe Certified Good Hiker Kit teaches kids how to be Good Hikers — how to stay safe and tread lightly on the environment.


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The $5 Kit includes a fun fill-in-the-blanks Good Hiker class, a guide for adults, and cool Certified Good Hiker certificates. The class covers what to bring on a hike, trail manners (don’t pet the wild animals!), and why it’s important not to wander away from your group (and what to do if you get separated).

To download the Certified Good Hiker Kit ($5.00; pdf format) click the ADD TO CART button. You can pay with PayPal or Google Checkout (or a VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card at PayPal). If you have a discount code, enter it after you click ADD TO CART.

(Please note that purchasing the Certified Good Hiker Kit indicates acceptance of our disclaimer and terms and conditions.)

The Kit is downloaded to you computer as a single pdf file, readable with Adobe Acrobat. You can then print the guide as well as several classes and certificates for your kids. (To order Kits for a large group or class, please contact Cathy@GoodHiker.com or call 303-543-2390.)

Don’t have Adobe Acrobat? Get it here.

Thank you for your order, and happy hiking!

All content copyright © 2011, by Catherine Dold, Catherine Dold LLC, Boulder, Colorado. May not be reprinted or reused without permission.

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3 Responses to

  1. Jerrie Hurd says:

    Did you read about the campers in Montana who were attacked by bears this morning. Really need to have our kid certified. Safety rules are not optional. This is such a good idea. Run with it!!!!

  2. Bill Dold says:

    Excellent, Cathy!!!! For some potential direct marketing, consider the folks below. They all know me well, but at some point in communication you may wish to identify us as “cousins.” Also, I suggest that you specifically state your previous affiliation with Poudre Wilderness Volunteers. Roster has grown to 270.

    Barb Benjamin, current Kids In Nature committee chair or PWV barb.benjamin@mesanetworks.net

    Dave Cantrell, originator of PWV’s KIN program

    Pam Unfred, volunteer director for Loveland’s Environmental Education Center at Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park.

    Rob Novak, education program coordinator for Larimer County Natural Resources.

    Good luck!

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